Toxic Behaviour

Men have allowed the Toxic Behaviour (TB) of Ugly Feminism (UF) to do immense damage to civilised society.

The Female Obesity Epidemic:

You may be asking yourself why the epidemic of female obesity is the first in the list of TB.  Fat acceptance is the physical manifestation of UF’s hate for normal masculine men’s desire of traditionally slender and pleasing feminine beauty.  What UF describe as “The Oppressive White Male Patriarchy” is, as any sane person knows, the building block and backbone of a healthy social culture.   Beauty is not, and never has been in the eye of the beholder.   Paris would not have stolen Helen from Menelaus if she was a twenty stone feminist shrike with blue hair and body odour.  The feminine wiles that lured Mark Anthony into betraying his Emperor friend and, his birth nation could not have worked if Cleopatra was so fat that she needed the team of asses that furnished her milk bath to lift her in and out of it.   Men’s desire for female beauty is what inspired the greatest actions and the feats of empire that gave us the civilised world that UF is intent on destroying.  Encouraging women to become indolent and self-indulgent has been proven, throughout history, to be the final stage in civilisational death throes.  There is nothing healthy in being well adjusted to a sick society.

Substance Abuse.

There is nothing to be gained in berating substance abusers, and locking them up as  criminals is counter productive.  Changing the circumstances that make self-medicating an attractive option would bring real and lasting positive results.  GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the indicator that is taken as a measure of a nations well being.  But that figure alone does cannot give a true indication.  Only when the actual percentage of GDP spent on healthcare is factored in can a true representation of a populations wellbeing be accurately quantified.  Nearly all countries spend a higher percentage per head on healthcare in direct correlation to the increase in GDP.  So once again we come back to the same answer, namely, a change the circumstance that are leading people into substance abuse.  Politicians cannot solve the problems society faces because those problems are not political.  The problems are technical and only technicians can solve them.

Single Parenthood.

Children are the richer for the balanced parenting of Mother and Father.  Sons and daughters of single parents suffer the adverse consequences of an unbalanced childhood throughout the their lives.  They achieve lower results in education, they are more likely to commit crimes, they have higher instances of substance abuse, and are much more likely themselves to end up as single parents.  This negative feed-back loop damages society and lowers aspiration.


Lack of Respect.

Many of the TBs are rooted in a lack of respect for others, the community, and one’s self.  One of the MAs of Cultural Resilience is to give people a stake in the health and prosperity of their community, their neighbours and themselves.  Invested and engaged people are happy in their lives


Although it is perhaps one of the most understandable of all the TBs it is, unfortunately, the most damaging.  UF with the help of a mewling bitch establishment and media, has shamed masculinity almost out of existence.  Of this their can be no doubt but, once you understand why UF and, by extension, the establishment feels so very afraid, the answer and solution presents itself writ large.  That fear has such a paralysing hold because the beast knows it has built its house on sand.  Resurgent masculinity would bring the UF house of cards crashing down.  The terrified behemoth knows that Strong Male Leadership of families, communities, and wider society is something that it cannot defeat.  Masculinising of women away from their sweet and nurturing natures;


and feminising men;


into no longer taking up their roles as leaders responsible for protecting their families, communities, and society is so ubiquitous now that we hardly even notice it.  But take heart the next article will outline the simple steps that you, as a Husband, Father, Brother, and Leader can take to begin restoring the natural order in your corner and society as whole.



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