Main Aims

Each of the Cultural Resilience Movement’s (CRMMain Aims (MAs), like UniCultural Zones (UCZs), requires and deserves a post of its own, and that will follow.  For now the movement presents its MAs, Beneath our Mission Statement (MS), in no order of priority.

Preserving England’s Life & Culture.

  • The Establishment of UniCultural Zones (UCZS).
  • Restoration of traditional Village, Town, and City Yeomanries.
  • The Formation of an English Rifle Association (ERA).
  • Transition to a Resource Based Economy (RBE).
  • Development of clean, efficient, cutting edge, energy systems.
  • Autonomy for Local Authorities in every possible way.
  • The repeal of the unlawful ban on public handgun ownership.
  •  Safe new transportation technology development.
  • Localised Non-Fractional Reserve financial services.
  • Ring Fenced Local Public Budget Contributions.
  • Investment in non-soil and oil food production.
  • Dynamic cash crops for trade income.
  • Encourage and support bold new product development initiatives.



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