Toxic Behaviour

Men have allowed the Toxic Behaviour (TB) of Ugly Feminism (UF) to do immense damage to civilised society.

The Female Obesity Epidemic:

You may be asking yourself why the epidemic of female obesity is the first in the list of TB.  Fat acceptance is the physical manifestation of UF’s hate for normal masculine men’s desire of traditionally slender and pleasing feminine beauty.  What UF describe as “The Oppressive White Male Patriarchy” is, as any sane person knows, the building block and backbone of a healthy social culture.   Beauty is not, and never has been in the eye of the beholder.   Paris would not have stolen Helen from Menelaus if she was a twenty stone feminist shrike with blue hair and body odour.  The feminine wiles that lured Mark Anthony into betraying his Emperor friend and, his birth nation could not have worked if Cleopatra was so fat that she needed the team of asses that furnished her milk bath to lift her in and out of it.   Men’s desire for female beauty is what inspired the greatest actions and the feats of empire that gave us the civilised world that UF is intent on destroying.  Encouraging women to become indolent and self-indulgent has been proven, throughout history, to be the final stage in civilisational death throes.  There is nothing healthy in being well adjusted to a sick society.

Substance Abuse.

There is nothing to be gained in berating substance abusers, and locking them up as  criminals is counter productive.  Changing the circumstances that make self-medicating an attractive option would bring real and lasting positive results.  GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the indicator that is taken as a measure of a nations well being.  But that figure alone does cannot give a true indication.  Only when the actual percentage of GDP spent on healthcare is factored in can a true representation of a populations wellbeing be accurately quantified.  Nearly all countries spend a higher percentage per head on healthcare in direct correlation to the increase in GDP.  So once again we come back to the same answer, namely, a change the circumstance that are leading people into substance abuse.  Politicians cannot solve the problems society faces because those problems are not political.  The problems are technical and only technicians can solve them.

Single Parenthood.

Children are the richer for the balanced parenting of Mother and Father.  Sons and daughters of single parents suffer the adverse consequences of an unbalanced childhood throughout the their lives.  They achieve lower results in education, they are more likely to commit crimes, they have higher instances of substance abuse, and are much more likely themselves to end up as single parents.  This negative feed-back loop damages society and lowers aspiration.


Lack of Respect.

Many of the TBs are rooted in a lack of respect for others, the community, and one’s self.  One of the MAs of Cultural Resilience is to give people a stake in the health and prosperity of their community, their neighbours and themselves.  Invested and engaged people are happy in their lives


Although it is perhaps one of the most understandable of all the TBs it is, unfortunately, the most damaging.  UF with the help of a mewling bitch establishment and media, has shamed masculinity almost out of existence.  Of this their can be no doubt but, once you understand why UF and, by extension, the establishment feels so very afraid, the answer and solution presents itself writ large.  That fear has such a paralysing hold because the beast knows it has built its house on sand.  Resurgent masculinity would bring the UF house of cards crashing down.  The terrified behemoth knows that Strong Male Leadership of families, communities, and wider society is something that it cannot defeat.  Masculinising of women away from their sweet and nurturing natures;


and feminising men;


into no longer taking up their roles as leaders responsible for protecting their families, communities, and society is so ubiquitous now that we hardly even notice it.  But take heart the next article will outline the simple steps that you, as a Husband, Father, Brother, and Leader can take to begin restoring the natural order in your corner and society as whole.



Main Aims

Each of the Cultural Resilience Movement’s (CRMMain Aims (MAs), like UniCultural Zones (UCZs), requires and deserves a post of its own, and that will follow.  For now the movement presents its MAs, Beneath our Mission Statement (MS), in no order of priority.

Preserving England’s Life & Culture.

  • The Establishment of UniCultural Zones (UCZS).
  • Restoration of traditional Village, Town, and City Yeomanries.
  • The Formation of an English Rifle Association (ERA).
  • Transition to a Resource Based Economy (RBE).
  • Development of clean, efficient, cutting edge, energy systems.
  • Autonomy for Local Authorities in every possible way.
  • The repeal of the unlawful ban on public handgun ownership.
  •  Safe new transportation technology development.
  • Localised Non-Fractional Reserve financial services.
  • Ring Fenced Local Public Budget Contributions.
  • Investment in non-soil and oil food production.
  • Dynamic cash crops for trade income.
  • Encourage and support bold new product development initiatives.


UniCultural Zones

One of the Main Aims of the Cultural Resilience  Movement is the establishment of UniCultural Zones (UCZS) within which buildings and open spaces can only be used for the practice and observance of faiths that were an established presence prior to 1530 A.D.. But what else will mark a UCZ

out as culturally unique.  As all of England’s Major cities have now surrendered to the tyranny of Multiculturalism, it is anticipated that UCZS will initially be established in our villages, towns, and smaller cities.

Foreign owned corporations will not be permitted to set up businesses within a UCZs instead smaller and traditional local businesses will be favoured and encouraged.

Activities in public spaces will feature healthy English cultural pursuits.



Fun days filled with sports for all will bolster the communities health and spirit.

A variety of modern and traditional English cultural events will take place regularly.

Markets and Fairs will give people the opportunity to purchase fresh healthy local produce, as well as locally made traditional and modern arts and crafts.

Traditional contests will provide entertainment and a chance for local people to demonstrate their skills.

Community Vegetable Growing projects will help everyone to feel that they are investing in their own health and the wellbeing of people for today and in the future.


Public open spaces will redesigned and built that give everyone in the community a chance to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise.  Wether its a gentle stroll through beautifully designed and maintained ornamental parks,

safe play areas to keep children happy and active,


or, outdoor gymnasiums that don’t require memberships, for everyone who wants to feel healthy, without the need to watch themselves in full length spotting mirrors.image

Outdoor spaces in will be open, maintained & supervised on a twenty four hour basis, providing safe, clean, and attractive open places for everyone.  Parks gardens and woodlands will not be allowed to become the dirty, dangerous, and run down urban cesspits found in multicultural ghettos.

That covers the outdoor activities that members of a healthy, well adjusted UniCultural Zone community can regularly enjoy, but what about indoor pursuits of the mind and body?


Libraries are one  of the highest concepts a civilised society can aspire to and in UCZs there will be a modern, well stocked library for adults and children.  All traditional and cutting edge learning resources will be freely and readily available to all.  Library Committees will operate by consent of local people and will decide which materials will best serve the education and cultural needs of the community they serve.  The government approved, national library policy will no longer dictate that only the books and materials that serve a multicultural agenda will be freely available.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities that lie within a UCZ will be encourage to seek independence in every possible area, so that pupils and students receive a balanced education, rather than one that is mired in the dumbing down of political agenda’s.  The focus will be shifted away from non-subjects towards the Core Educational Skills. High levels of attainment in the academic and technical disciplines will be the aim with a strong effort directed toward the pursuit of excellence in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Medicine) subjects.  The foundation for a resilient and healthy culture will be laid down, and set firmly in aspiring young minds.  Teachers, parents and the local authority will work proudly in partnership, sewing the seed that assures us our birthright of a productive today, and a glorious tomorrow.

Adult education classes will be free and open to any person who wants to obtain more qualifications, learn a new skill, or broaden their minds and horizons through the medium of learning.  Subjects will be tailored to demand but as in schools omder non-subjects such as gender studies


Adult learning centres will offer open and free course to any person who wants to obtain new qualifications, brush up on, or learn a new skill, or broaden their minds and horizons through the medium of education.  Empty modern non-subjects such as gender and feminist studies will not be in the curriculum, instead a broad range of useful and worthwhile courses, offering real world qualifications and benefits will be on offer.

There are many organisations that for years have encouraged children to grow and develop into proud and upstanding members of their communities.  As children in make the journey to adulthood they will be given every encouragement and support to join these organisations and societies.  Funding that once went to support feckless multicultural sham projects will be redirected into useful local schemes for the health and development of children and young people.


One of the many huge benefits of living in a UCZ will be the separation from remote and corrupt central government and much greater autonomy for the local authority.  Local families will be fully represented in local decision making, and out of touch politicians and civil servants in Westminster and Whitehall will have no power to interfere in issues specific to local people.

Family Life in UCZs

It is true that the needs and wants of families varies according to circumstances, but there are some universal commonalities that matter to every family.  In UCZS these common needs will be met in a style that will leave none without the basic requirements for a warm and prosperous family life.


This sad state of affairs damages community spirit, and costs taxpayers a great deal of money.  It is a sad fact that many homes in the most beautiful and desirous locations are empty for most of the  year, or let out by absentee landlords on short leases.  It is true that second home ownership contributes very little to the local economy, and robs local people of the chance for a decent home in the area they were born and raised in, but it is a myth that all second homes are massive multi-bedroomed mansions.  Many second homes are perfectly suitable for normal sized families, and young people who have not yet achieved their full earning potential. Second home ownership and absentee landlords will be discouraged and stamped out in UCZS by some some very simple measures.

Landlords that own property outside a UCZ but do not live in the area will be charged tax at Seventy Five percent of the gross income from the property.

Income from short leases will incur a tax liability of ninety percent of gross.

Second homes in UCZs will be placed in special “Absent Owner” council tax band that will charged at double the property’s value.

Any Absent Owner or Landlord will have the opportunity to join a Compulsory Community Purchase Scheme where their property can be purchased by the community at a Fair Market Value Assessment price.

Rents on public and privately owned property will be kept at parity and will remain affordable for people who live in the UCZ

No one will be allowed to purchase a home situated within a UCZs without first having resided in a rented property for a minimum of Five years.

People who arrive in the UK by illegal means and their families will not be eligible for housing in a UCZ.

The act of giving birth to a child will not automatically qualify you for a taxpayer funded home.




Households in UCZs day to day requirements will largely be the same as they are elsewhere.  All the usual services and trades for daily living will be required. The difference will be in who provides them and how it is done.  Locally owned business along with locally administered and efficient public services will provide where remote and expensive multi-nationals and private sector contractors have wrought costly failures.  Public Services such as Health & Social Care, Public Transport, Amenities, and Utilities will be provided locally for local residents.  Clean, cutting edge technologies will be the foundation of an efficient system that provides fulfilment and full employment.

Foreign Owned and Multinationals will not be permitted to set up businesses in UCZs and as with Absent Property Owners will be offered the opportunity to join the Compulsory Community Purchase Scheme.  Locally owned business will be encouraged and supported to employ people that live within the UCZ and pay a full and fair living wage.  It is intended that everyone who lives in a UCZ will earn enough to live a decent life and have disposable income to bolster the local economy.  Local business employing local people will cut congestion and pollution, as well as travel to and from work costs.  The generation and supply of clean abundant energy will be a major source of employment, as will the Hydro/Aeroponic food production that provides affordable and healthy food to local residents.  High Street Banks will be eligible for the Compulsory Community Purchase Scheme as the need for them and their services will wane.  Local Credit Unions and Saving Schemes will not risk their patrons money on domestic and foreign markets but will instead provide ethical Non-Fractional Reserve Financial Services to the community.  Many other schemes unique to UCZs will also be providers of employment which is further outlined in the next section.




Public Services and Community Transport

Services and transport for the community will be provided, administered, and managed at the local level.  Autonomy from central government in as many areas as possible is one of the Main Aims of the Cultural Resilience Movement.  This will mean that only people that live in the local community will be employed in public services, providing further local job security.  The MAGLEV Transportation System is one of many clean efficient technologies that can be used to transport people, goods, and waist from location to location.  Imagine that once you have ordered your healthy, locally sourced groceries, they arrive at your doorstep, delivered by a clean transport system that also takes away, and recycles your household waste.  That same system will also be able to take you swiftly and safely to and from your work and leisure activities.  Traffic congestion makes us I’ll with pollution and stress, costs us valuable time and resources and blight our communities.  In UCZs they will be a thing of the past.  The MAGLEV and other clean technologies will be. among the mix of industries that will provide full employment.



Law & Order.

Cultural Resilience goes some considerable way to fostering a law abiding community spirit because within UCZs will be full and worthwhile employment for all.  Local residents will feel very proud of their community and its achievements so there will be very little in the way of crime and antisocial behaviour.  Security trained Community Wardens will be a constant presence in publicly owned open spaces and facilities.  Crime may never actually become a thing of the past, but compared to multicultural hell holes, UCZs will be a pleasure to police.


UCZs will be quintessentially English in nature.  Communities that are proud of their cultural identity.  The happy and healthy people in a UniCultural Zone will feel fully engaged in their community and feel safe knowing that they are cared for by their neighbours and the local authority.  Residents and visitors to UCZS will fully experience the joys of living in modern English communities that celebrate their heritage, and look to the future gladly, with confidence, and excitement.