BREXIT, The First Glorious Victory of Many to Come, & A Gigantic First Step.

imageWith the sound of victory ringing in our ears and the scent of freedom in the air, the sun is rising on a glorious future that is within the grasp of our warm live hands.  Wether it was because of the “bat shit crazy” German Chancellor’s open invite to the entire Middle East and North Africa to come and rape our homelands, the imminent and inevitable Turkish membership and all its horrific consequences, bemusement at the meddling in our affairs by unelected, petty foreign bureaucrats, ever closer political integration by stealth, anger at continuing and ever increasing bailouts  of lazy and feckless foreigners and their corrupt economies, disillusion with the failed EU experiment, or a combination of all these factors, the sane and patriotic English voters have said “Enough!”.

Insane regulations made by bungling dishonest foreign politicians can no longer stifle our national ambition.  EU lawyers can no longer prevent us from deporting the terrorists and hate preachers that despise our country, our values, our way of life, our freedoms, and us.  The days of our treasonous politicians spitting their contempt on the sacrifices made to keep our nation sovereign our over.  Unelected EU commissioners forcing us to obey rules that favour foreign owned corporations over local enterprise will hold us to ransom no longer.  We may now freely negotiate trade deals with whom we choose without deliberate and restrictive EU red tape constraining our efforts to prosper.

Our national steel industry once employed tens of thousands directly and hundreds of thousands through associated industries and supporting businesses.  Those employees housed and fed their families while spending disposable income and paying taxes to vital public services, which also directly and indirectly employed hundreds of thousands of people assuring national stability and prosperity.  Steel was needed to build and maintain powerful warships that were the envy of the world.  Arms and equipment that made our military the most powerful and feared on the face of the earth depended on a burgeoning and highly efficient steel industry.  This once proud industry and its workforce has been depleted into almost nothing by the restrictive regulation of a cowardly EU  that erroneously believes having a weak military makes acts of foreign aggression less likely.

Railways used to connect almost every village to every town and city until the Oil industry, with the help of what was the called a Common Market, made competition impossible. Great Britain has more than enough potential energy in sustainable resources such as, Solar, Wind, Tidal, Geothermal to supply our industrial, transportation, and domestic needs cheaply and cleanly.  Corrupt oil industry executives and their politician puppets know this to be true, but as they also control the media they can easily prevent the truth about energy ever becoming widely known.

A “Resource Based Economy” through the use of localised Hydroponics, Aeroponics, locally sourced renewable energy, and other cutting edge clean technologies is not only easily achievable it is essential.  The days of wage slaves serving the Fractional Reserve Banking system have passed.  We often see anti-capitalism protest and hear the vitriol of its adherents who believe things could be done differently and in altruistic fashion.  These intentions while noble are folly, for we do not live in a true capitalist economy.  Ours is a “Monetary Economy” that serves only to create debt by charging interest on the money it loans to the government that can never be repaid.  A Resource Based economy that thrives on innovation, expertise and sustainable technologies is the only true Capitalist system, and it’s the best.  Politicians cannot solve our nations problem’s because our problems our not political.  The issues that restrict our growth as individuals, and as a nation are technical, and only Technicians can solve technical problems.

The world was once ours and it can be again.  All we need to do is believe and start reaching.


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