Cultural Resilience. What is it and Why Must It be Practiced

Invasion columns of military age males stream across Europe’s porous borders daily and maritime infiltration forces land on the continents unprotected shores hourly.  Many more arrive by invitation of weak and traitorous European Leaders, while native populations are brainwashed by the self-appointed commissars of the left to accept their own destruction.  Bullied by insane social justice warriors that (SJW) ruin the life of those “racists” that question the wisdom of The Great Replacement (TGR), the doomed applaud the arrival of the hordes that will bring about their own demise.

Robbery, rape, and murder against the native population is justified, and in many cases required in the mind of the invader.  It is no coincidence that robbery and assaults, against women in particular, skyrocket in the areas where the colonisations take place.  With polygamous practice and a sky high birth rate, their victory and our destruction is assured.  Gentlemen now in bed in England, your daughters will marry them, your grandchildren will look like them, speak like them, and practice their Stone Age beliefs, unless you act now!

Law and Orderimage

Colonised neighbourhoods very quickly become Police No Go Zones (PNGZ) because, as was proved with the Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal, any attempt to make the invaders abide by the laws of this country will be termed racist by the treasonous left wing establishment.  With the hands of law enforcement tied, and a native population made forcibly complicit in its own destruction, right thinking men will need to take steps they thought they never would.

imageIn Nineteen Ninety Six, in the biggest knee jerk over reaction in British history, private ownership of hand guns was made illegal and now only police and criminals use them.  This unlawful ban removed a very useful means of protecting our mothers, wives, and daughters from home invasion, rape, murder, robbery, and crime on the streets.  The Cultural Resilience Movement will seek to overturn this unconstitutional ban through political means and lawful protest.

imageMany people in this country and in the US are under the impression that private firearm ownership in England is illegal, this is incorrect .  The Cultural Resilience Movement will form The English Rifle Association (ERA).  Based along similar lines to its US counterpart the NRA (National Rifle Association), the ERA will lobby politicians on matters relating to private firearms issues for English citizens, and encourage responsible and effective firearms ownership for law abiding English people.  The most effective government a country can have is one that respects and fears the people it governs.  A government that does not fear the populace is a dictatorship.

The Royal Counties Militiaimage

One sure sign of a government that seeks population replacement is rapid erosion of its armed forces.  The United Kingdoms armed forces are unique in that it collectively owes its first allegiance to the non-political head of state, namely; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second.  This remarkable constitutional monarchy is a guarantor of freedom and justice, and protection from tyranny.  If a government no longer serves the needs of the electorate it is, by constitutional definition treasonous, and can be lawfully removed by withdrawal of Royal consent.   The military is the organ of state to facilitate the return to democratic government and that is why the traitors in Westminster have consistently cut defence budgets.  Our armed forces, that were once the envy of the world, have been humiliated by their unlawful orders to participate in wars of corporate interest, and having the ethos that made them what they once were deliberately polluted by the enforcing of effeminate left wing doctrines.  This is no accident of progress.  This is taking place so that the one force that could have once lawfully delivered us from the insidious treachery of our leaders is neutered.

Now that our constabulary have been cowed into fear of applying law to anyone other than Caucasians, and our once proud military has been rendered ineffective, the Cultural Resilience Movement will seek the establishment of County Militias under a Royal Warrant.  Operating along the lines of the Royal and Ancient Yeomanries, this citizen army will serve to protect our families and property only.  It will not be used in foreign conflict, and nor will it be used for civil policing.  This force is purely to protect us when statutory agency’s no longer can.  By encouraging effective private ownership of firearms and self discipline, the families of men in counties across the UK can, once again, know they have the right and the means to protect their loved ones and properties from home invasion, rampaging mobs, and illegal governance.  The first duty of any government is to protect the people that elected it.  Intentional failure of the first duty, through the introduction of swinging cuts to the defence budget by consecutive administrations, is the ultimate act of treason.  This treason has also taken the power from our hands, by which, we might have brought them to account for their treachery.

UniCultural Zonesimage

The Cultural Resilience Movement will seek to give local authorities the right to establish UniCultural Zones (UCZs).  In these zones there will be no restrictions on movements or rights to reside.  The use of buildings and open spaces for religious observance will be restricted to faiths that were an established presence in England prior to A.D. 1530 only.

The Cultural Resilience Movement does not seek to foment armed revolution, nor does it advocate vigilantism.  It will seek to achieve its aims through legitimate political means such as lobbying, lawful protest, and rallies.  Violent nationalist thugs have no place in the movement and any attempt to usurp our aims will not be tolerated.  As a movement we seek the preservation of law and order, the protection of our loved ones and property, and of traditional English cultural values.

Long Live England.  God Save The Queen.   Arise StGeorge.  Arthur Return.imageimageimageimage

So that is an explanation of what Cultural Resilience is and what The Cultural Resilience Movement stands for.  As to why we must practice Cultural Resilience watch this short video.


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